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Dear Friends-
We are on the verge of inviting some new blood into our farm community to help us make some much-needed transitions in how we do things here on the land. We do not yet know what shape or form these new friends might take, but over the coming months, it will all become apparent. Meanwhile, we’re putting this out there in the hopes that you, our larger community, can help the right people find us. Here’s a few things on our wish list.
1. We are searching for a live-in caretaker. Starting toward the end of October, as our AirBnB bookings taper off, we will have our awesome Getaway Cabin available for this person on a work/trade basis, with minimal basic costs to cover in the form of rent. It is a fully self-contained unit, great for a single person or a very close couple in a long term relationship. This caretaker must be interested in becoming a part of a working goat dairy operation, must have some familiarity with tools and basic handyman (or handywoman) know-how, and must be interested in rural living. They should probably also like children and be amenable to childcare. This person should also be interested in creating a long-term situation for themselves here, as we look toward the Spring as the time to build a new living structure here on the farm to house a caretaker through the rest of the seasons.
2. We will be hosting short-term tenants in the form of residencies. Our other cabin, the Lookout Loft will be coming up for rent at the end of this month. It has been, and will continue to be, a great place to find focus, a retreat for people looking to finish short-term creative projects or in-town work contracts. We are looking to host individuals or committed couples for short, 3-6 month residencies, for people to plug in to the farm on as as-desired basis, or simply tune out the larger world to find space within themselves to make things happen. We are happy to discuss the rental terms of the cabin with interested parties.
3. As our family grows, Jessica‚Äč and I are both looking back toward what we have created here over the last 4 years, and also looking forward to how we can create necessary space between ourselves and the daily upkeep and maintenance of the farm and the herd, for new experiences like travel, far-flung work opportunities, and necessary time to watch and help our child grow. It is a lot of work, being stewards of the land and making it prosper. We like work, and the successes we’ve had are worth celebrating. There will often be times, especially during the winter, when we will invite others to house-and pet-sit for us, and if you are at all interested in such a situation, please reach out. Our home was built to be shared, as so many of you know.
That is all. We are spending today working on a Community Agreement for the land, to help foment some of these short-term changes and long-term shifts. I can’t think of a better time to do it than in the transitional (and beautiful) Autumn season. Thanks for listening.

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